HTX Small Biz Meeting Notes

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On 1-2-3-4 graphic page:

  • Make prettier w infographics,
  • Add extra info to tax pages


  • Link back to mcnair wiki page

Resources header

  • Is currently just a placeholer
  • Swap resources header to go below map

Types of resources (networking, etc)

  • Stick a map on each resource page of the places where each institution is located
  • When you click “return to resources”, can easily make it return to a specific part on the overarching page by adding a hash
  • Build a separate resources page which takes us to those 9 square things again


  • Link to glossary of terms in copyright section
  • Section headings linking is slightly awkward
  • Could say underneath
  • Could blow out the section headings (minorities, women, education, etc) to be a paragraph
  • Could transclude from the section heading pages (which already have definitions)
  • Add a touch of structure (more of a tree)

Make a featured subheading on Public McNair pages for Small business in htx, with a bit of a description Something on side bar of McNair Page which links to the overall page:

  • Small Biz Portal
  • HTX SME Portal
  • Small Biz Guide

Internal Resources