French American Chamber of Commerce

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Small Business Development Ecosystem of Houston
French American Chamber of Commerce
Institution Information
Name French American Chamber of Commerce
Project Guide to Small Business in Houston
Classification Development Center
Non-Profit Status Yes
Cost $
Development Stage Start-Up
Minorities no
Women no
Education yes
Certification no
Consulting no
Coworking no
Financing no
Meeting no
Mentoring no
Networking yes
Contact E-Mail
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The French-American Chamber of Commerce is an organization that aims to foster the French-American business community in Houston through helping businesses settle and develop in Houston and connecting companies in the United States and France.


Business Development
The FACC Houston can support business development in the area of Houston by providing business plans, contacts, partner searches, market analyses, and trade services. It helps businesses identify the barriers to market entry and the differences between local markets in Houston and France.

With its network of 280 members and 85 companies, the FACC Houston can help members find contacts and receive advice from experts like lawyers, marketing professionals, translators, and venture capitalists.

Social Media
The FACC Houston provides communication tools through its website, social media, and emails to help businesses advertise and increase visibility.