Fall 2016 Project Ideas Page

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Simple Things

  • Weekly blog post summarizing news/McNair posts in entrepreneurship and innovation
    • Could be automated by computer science interns?
  • Stats (quarterly?) on Houston/Texas
    • Patents
    • VC
    • Small business
  • Big deals (notable $$$) in Houston/Texas
  • New laws and litigation surrounding entrep/innovation

Ideas for projects

  • Small business lending in Houston/Texas
    • Get SBA lending data over time
    • Relate to some econ metric -- i.e. price of oil, real estate
  • Innovation in the Oil and Gas Industry
    • Break S&P 500 into some number of related industries
      • Count patents for firms in each (patent data)
      • Count acquisitions and mergers for firms in each (SDC)
      • Get R&D spending data (from compstat)
    • For reading/research/general knowledge: read about open vs closed innovation as described by Henry Chesborough
  • University Patenting
    • ID universities as assignees in patent data
    • Measure change over time, data as a funciton of size, prestige, geographic location, endowment
    • AUM data on liscensing
    • Relation to NSF/NIH/etc
    • for reading/researching/general knowledge: read about Bayh-Dole Act