Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

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McNair Topic Area
Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
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Primary Information
Topic Area Name Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
Team Members TBD
Primary Billing Dr. Edward Egan
Keywords Incubators, Accelerators, Houston, Venture, Capital, Angel, Investor, Startups, Crowding-out, Social-Media
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The McNair Center's Topic Area on Entrepreneurship Ecosystems has two primary goals. The first of which is to identify and explain all fundamental components of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in an educational manner. The second is to research and discover the shared characteristics of successful startups in order to establish statistically significant correlation and potential causation with respect to success in small business.

Project Outline

Completed Work

Work in Progress

Future Work

Moving forward, the Project for Entrepreneurship Ecosystems intends to expand via the following possible deliverables: