Ariel Sun (Work Log)

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Ariel Sun Work Logs (log page)

Summer 2016

06/01/2016 - Introduction/Wiki Building

06/02/2016 - Refined Wiki Organization and Content

06/03/2016 - Organized Topic Areas and Worked on Public Wiki Page

06/06/2016 - Continued Organizing Public Wiki Page

06/07/2016 - Draft of Women in Entrepreneurship blog post

06/08/2016 - Work on Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face wiki page

06/09/2016 - Clean up content of patent trolls and put on the public page

06/10/2016 - Put up resources for business dynamism in high tech issue brief page

06/13/2016 - Clean up venture one data and LBO data

06/14/2016 - Match venture one and LBO data to patent data

06/15/2016 - Create tables that match patent information to each LBO/venture company

06/16/2016 - Create and Finalize LBO/venture company and patent summary table

06/17/2016 - Familiarize with Hubs datasets

06/20/2016 - Analyze existing SQL code of Hubs datasets

06/21/2016 - Clean up and rebuild Hubs datasets

06/22/2016 - First draft of complete SQL script for Hubs datasets

07/15/2016 - Help Ed send out VentureOne data, add grouping and considerations of Hubs scorecard variables

07/18/2016 - Work on differentiating curriculum v. code school, redo Matching VentureOne

07/19/2016 - Finish Marching Venture One, update on Wiki, work on differentiating curriculum v. code school

07/20/2016 - Work on differentiating OH investor v. mentor, temporary workshop v. networking meetup

07/21/2016 - Consolidate previously done hubs variables, work on number of onsite accelerators

07/22/2016 - Work on Hubs variables: price of flexible/dedicated desk, Onsite VCs v. Angel Investors, number of members

07/29/2016 - Code for Hubs variables that are hubs, E:/McNair/Projects/Hubs/Hus Variables-Ariel

Fall 2016

09/07/2016 - Moved scorecard related pages to hubs scorecard academic paper, edit hubs vc sql data script