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Most of the information you need should already be in the given packet but here's a breakdown of Revenue, Funding and a short description of the founders or CEO (whichever is more presently relevant). They will be giving you pitches during the day as well so hopefully they've prepared.


Revenue & Funding Table

Revenue Rev Descr. Funding F. Type
Elevety $140k purchase orders - launch :jan26 $1 million Seed
Gorout $750-850k projected 2017 $1 million Seed
LinkPro Pre-rev  £505k Seed
The Iron Neck $200k 2016 $500k Friends/Family
LVL $1.3 million total $5 million Seed
Mobile Virtual Player $8.3k Started sales August 2016 $1.4 million Seed
2ND Skull $500k - $1 mil projected 2017 $2 million Seed
Prevent Biometrics ~$100k 2016 $2.5 million Series A
Windpact $20k Started sales Nov. 2016 $1.9 million Seed

Communicating with the Athlete


Sebastian Koper (Co-Founder)

  • First Startup Experience
  • Background in strategy consulting and engineering

Bart Lipski (Co-Founder)

  • Second Startup Experience after Stylehopper: high end retail website for designer brands. Doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  • Background in Management Consulting, Digital marketing


MikeRolih (CEO)

  • Seems to be his second time expanding an early stage company


Stephen Catterson (Founder)

  • No Previous experience on linkedin

Training the athlete

The Iron Neck

Mike Jolly

  • Has been CEO before
  • Experience as coach


Dustin Freckleton

  • Background in MedSchool
  • No experience in startups

Mobile Virtual Player

Elliot Kastner (Co-Founder)

  • Background in Research, Engineering and founded two other startups: GreenGarageStore, FreshStartSoil

Quinn Connell (Co-Founder)

  • Background in Engineering & research

John Currier (CEO)

  • Background in Engineering

Materials to Protect the Athlete

2ND Skull

Federico Olivares

  • Background in Consulting and marketing
  • No obvious background in startups

Prevent Biometrics

Steve Washburn

  • Background as CEO and previous founder at Dreamgard, Inc

Frank Grazzini II

  • Experience in C-Suite, Analyst, Co-Founded TelemetryWeb (Identifies as a serial entrepreneur)
  • May not be a part of the company any more


Shawn Springs

  • Experience as sports commentator and Football player