Veeral Shah (Work Log)

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Summer 2016

06/01/2016 - Set Up Work Log Page

06/02/2016 - Project refinement and reorganization

06/03/2016 - Public Wiki Page Development

06/06/2016 - Public Wiki Page Refinement and InfoBox creating

06/07/2016 - Current Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Wiki Page

06/08/2016 - Current Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Wiki Page cont. (specific state policies)

06/09/2016 - References

06/10/2016 - State Policies and Bill Process

06/13/2016 - Regional Cluster Policy

06/14/2016 - Regional Cluster Policy cont. and Accelerator Data compiling

06/15/2016 - Accelerator Data compiling and organizing

06/16/2016 - Accelerator Data compiling and organizing/introducing and planning academic papers with PHD students

06/17/2016 - Completing the collection of Accelerator Data

Summer 2017

Accelerator Seed List (Data) - Under "Discussion"

06/05/2017 - First day of work of the summer. Began reading and deciphering the Seed Accelerator Project notes and files. Started writing my plan for the project this summer under Discussion on the Seed Accelerator Project page.

06/06/2017 - Continued attempting to understand Seed Accelerator Project, Matcher, and files in the Accelerator folder

06/07/2017 - Transferred organizations, cleaned cohort data and other important accelerator data to Access.

06/08/2017 - Cleaned up data in Accelerator file by getting rid of unnecessary information, indicating important data, and organizing the different files both in the Accelerator folder as well as in Access

06/09/2017 - Organized and updated current Accelerator list with potential Accelerator list into Organizations.accdb Access database.

06/12/2017 - Matched the current Accelerator list with Potential Accelerator list in Organizations Access Database.

06/13/2017 - Started going through "new" potential accelerators obtained from going through the current and potential "accelerator match" Excel file.

06/14/2017 - Discovered Global Accelerator Network site (Goldmine!) which has several Accelerators we do not have. Going through html to find a method for crawling through the site.

06/15/2017 - Gave the GAN parser spec to Abhi. He is working on creating the a parser for me to obtain all the data from the site. Meanwhile, I am continuing to manually trek through the potential accelerators from the 2013 crunchbase match.

06/16/2017 - Obtained the GAN information! It is in a textpad file on the Accelerator Seed List data discussion page. Yet to do anything with it.

06/20/2017 - 06/23/2017 - Continued and finished going manually through all the rest of the potential accelerators from Crunchbase. Location of all matches is on the Accelerator Match Excel page on the RDP Accelerator page.

06/26/2017 - Identified all the different sources from which the Current Accelerator list was extracted. Preparing to cross check across sources make final check for Accelerators. Also, analyzed the process by which cohorts could be extracted and organized for new accelerators.

06/27/2017 - 06/29/2017 - Manually went through the websites of new accelerators with Joe and extracted cohorts.

07/10/2017 - 7/11/2017 - Completed the acquisition of all the cohorts for each new accelerator company obtained from the Crunchbase 2013 Snapshot and organized and standardized the structure of each cohort txt file so it was compatible with Peter's cohort parser code.

7/12/2017 - Ran Peter's cohort parser code (E:\McNair\Projects\Accelerators\Code+Final_Data) on the New Crunchbase Accelerator Cohorts Folder in E:\McNair\Projects\Accelerators\Data. Combined the new cohort list with the already existing list in Cleaned Cohort Data.xls and formed a new and updated list called Updated Cleaned Cohort Data 7-12-2017 in the Accelerator folder.

7/13/2017 - 7/14/2017 - Read up documentation on Matcher and Whois Parser and worked with Adrian to run the Matcher and put together data sets.

7/17/2017 - Used the Normalizer perl tool to normalize the VC Data obtained from SDC Platinum and then ran the Matcher on the VC Data and the Cleaned Cohort Data to match cohort companies with investment information.

7/18/2017 - 7/19/2017 - Tried to clean up the VC Data because the SQL code is not acquiring all of the results. Read up on the documentation of the Whois Parser to prepare data to use it.

7/24/2017 - Found duplicates/inconsistencies in the cohort data and fixed them. Trying to acquire site domains from Organizations data to use for Whois Parser.

7/25/2017 -