Redesigning Patent Database

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Documentation on the process and eventual designs for the new patent database.

TODO on 3/7/2017

  • Continue working on Excel spreadhseet analyzing current schema and new schema design (this spreadsheet can be found under Projects/Redesigning Patent Database/Comparing current schema and new schema)

McNair Project
Redesigning Patent Database
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Project Information
Project Title Redesigning Patent Database
Owner Shelby Bice
Start Date 201701
Deadline 201705
Keywords Database, Patent
Primary Billing
Has project status Active
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Redesigning Patent Database

Documentation Relevant to Current Patent Database


The purpose of this project is to create a new, redesigned database to hold all of the patent information that the McNair Center has accumulated and document the process so that the design can be easily understood and replicated or edited as needed.

This database will include design patents, utility patents, and reissues.


Design will be built upon a relational database model. I will be referencing this article on database design as I develop the design (, and I will be creating an ER diagram.

Current Design and Scripts information

The scripts for querying data for the patent database exist in McNair/software/scripts/patent. If the design for the schema of the database tables are altered too much, may have to write new scripts.

Test Plan