Untangling the Economics of Patent Thickets

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Academic Paper
Title Untangling the Economics of Patent Thickets
Author Ed Egan, David Teece
RAs Lauren Bass
Status Working paper
© edegan.com, 2016

Latest Progress

The PDF-to-Text converter, the key terms finder, and phrase extraction scripts all work well and have been tested. The Google Scholar Web Crawler is being worked on by Christy Warden, current status unknown.

192 text versions of papers have been assembled in "Candidate Papers by LB." These were used as a test set for developing an analysis protocol for the entire paper. An analysis protocol has been developed that involves taking the counts of each term by topic per paper to assign each paper 1-4 topics. The process also counts the number of key terms in each paper for relevance, the number of modern terms, the year of the paper, the number of cost terms, the area of the paper, and the mentions of particular authors. All of this analysis is then dumped into artifacts. The analysis protocol is currently hardcoded. Once a set list of terms has been established, a soft-coded version should be able to be developed (in progress).

Larger test set desired to be analyzed and soft-coded on.

The Paper

The latest version is:

\coauthoredprojects\Egan and Teece\McN-PatentThicket-Egan-092215.pdf

This file is posted at http://www.bakerinstitute.org/research/untangling-patent-thicket-literature


See the Patent Thicket Strategic Planning page for future steps.

See the PTLR Codification page for details

See the PTLR Process page for details

Test Run

Example BibTeX:



Pick 5 files at random from:

Dropbox\coauthoredprojects\Egan and Teece\CandidatePapers

List them here:

  • Cockburn MacGarvie (2006) - Entry And Patenting In The Software Industry.pdf
  • Murray Stern (2007) - Do formal intellectual property rights hinder the free flow of scientific knowledge?: An empirical test of the anti-commons hypothesis
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Do the following:

  • Create a new text file in the dropbox. Note where the file is saved!
  • Find each paper on Google Scholar and put the BibTeX entry into the text file
  • Add the fields from the sample entry above and file them out as follows:
    • Disciple: publication type
    • Research_type: 'Types' (see above)
    • Industry: industries (see above)
    • thicket_def_extract: The text from the paper that you will use to decide the thicket definition
    • thicket_def: one or more of DHCI, Saturated, Overlapping, Gaming, etc.
    • tags: hash tags for modern terms and topic key words, e.g., #Probabilistic, #PatentPool, etc.
    • Filename: Only download the file if we don't have it in Candidate Papers. Put the file name in this tag.

Maybe Important Files

  • PTLRCore.bib - Might contain core BibTeX entries
  • PTLRDefinitions.pdf - useful to contrast conflicting definitions
  • PTLRBibliography.bib - Long list of citations
  • PTLR-HoldupQuotes.txt - List of complete quotes with citations
  • PTLR-PolicyRpts.txt - Short list of policy reports ranging from 2002 - 2013
  • PTLRUp.bib - Another bibliography, additions or subtractions unknown
  • Files in C:\Users\Ed\Dropbox\coauthoredprojects\Egan and Teece\ThicketWiki
    • Particularly: CoreWithNewCoreForSorting-rev.txt

.PL files

  • BibTucker.pl - location PTLRv2 & 3 folders
  • PTLRBibTeXReprocessing.pl - location PTLRv2 & 3 folders
  • temp.pl - location PTLRv2 folder
  • BibTuckerV20.pl - PTLRv3 folder
  • PLTROldTables.txt