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PDF to Text Converter
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Project Information
Has title PDF to Text Converter
Has owner Christy Warden
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Has deadline date
Has keywords PDF, txt, python
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Dependent(s): Patent Thicket
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Tool
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This code is located at E:/McNair/Software/Google_Scholar_Crawler/pdf_to_txt_bulk_PTLR.py

This program converts a directory of PDFs to .txt files. All the new txt files will be placed in a new folder 'within' the provided directory of PDFs called 'Text Versions'

How to use

Open the python file in Komodo. At the bottom of the file, change the variable src_dir to the name of the directory of PDF files you want to convert to txt. Uncomment the line that says


Click the play button the top center of the screen.


This program runs painfully slowly because PDFs are painful and slow.