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This page is a part of the McNair Center's Guide to Small Business in Houston section on Houston's Small Business Resources.

Finding a good meeting space can be a challenge for small and new business owners. Resources can help you find a good meeting space when you need one.

What Is It?

A meeting space is a room where a small business owner can meet with coworkers or clients.

Why Is It Important to My Business?

Having a meeting space is important for a variety of reasons. First, a meeting space can help ensure all members are actively engaged in the meeting. Second, they can help impress clients. Small cluttered offices, a coffee shop, or your house can often come off as unorganized and unimpressive to clients. Even if you run your business from your home, there are a few places in Houston that rent out meeting spaces for a low cost or sometimes for free.

Meeting Space Resources for Houston Small Businesses

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Houston MBDA Business Center$
The Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce$$$
UH Small Business Development Center$
Women's Business Enterprise Alliance$$