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[[Image: IMG_0161.jpg |300px|thumb|left|Kimberly Komal Agarwal]]
{{Team Member
'''Name''': Kimberly Komal Agarwal
|Has team sponsor=McNair Center
|Went to school=Rice
|Has team position=Student
|Has job title=Researcher
|Has name=Komal Agarwal
|Has or doing degree=Bachelor
|Has academic major=Psychology; Managerial Studies
|Has email=kka1@rice.edu
|Has team status=Inactive
'''Major''': Psychology, Managerial Studies
[[category:McNair Staff]]
'''Minors''': Business
'''Year''': Senior, Class of 2016
'''College''': Martel
'''Contact Information''' (in order of preference):
#E-mail: kka1@rice.edu
#Phone: 281-768-0122
'''Current Projects''':
*[[Houston Entrepreneurship Ecosystem]]
'''Work Log''':
{{:Komal Agarwal (Work Log)}}

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Team Member
Komal Agarwal
Profile placeholder.png
Status Inactive
Degree Bachelor
Major Psychology; Managerial Studies
Email kka1@rice.edu
School Rice
Job Title Researcher
Sponsor McNair Center
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