Jeb Bush (Jobs and Business Policy)

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Bush's Jobs and Business Policy (section page)

Cut Regulations

"regulations stifle small business formation, which means fewer jobs and declining incomes for hardworking Americans. There is no reason why regulators should be permitted to harm the labor market. As president, I will work to repeal onerous regulations that keep too many businesses from hiring and expanding."(JBW-J)

End the affordable healthcare act and other job destroying programs

  • "Repeal Obamacare, address the root causes of health care costs and enable employers and workers to balance good benefits with fair wages."(JBW-J)
  • "Eliminate welfare programs that discourage work and replace them with state-led programs that will require work for able-bodied adults."(JBW-J)


  • "We shouldn't have another financial crisis. What we ought to do is raise the capital requirements so banks aren't too big to fail. Dodd-Frank has actually done the opposite, totally the opposite, where banks now have a higher concentration of risk in assets and the capital requirements aren't high enough. If we were serious about it, we would raise the capital requirements and lessen the load on the community banks and other financial institutions." (RD4)