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This is a glossary of terms used for organizations and resources within the McNair Center's Guide to Small Business in Houston.


This is the official name of the organization. Keep in mind that some organizations may be part of a larger umbrella program or organization.


This is the type of organization available to small business owners. Although the classification of an organization describes its primary purpose, the business may offer services outside of its classification.

Classification Description
Certifier An organization that is a certifier provides formal accreditations that accompany a training program or application. Certifications can be required, or just plain beneficial, for small businesses to complete.
Consultant An organization that is a consultant gives you advice regarding problems or concerns you have about your business.
Development Center An organization offering a full suite of business resources, ranging from networking and mentoring opportunities to physical meeting spaces and workshops. Small business owners may take advantage of these resources, but are not required to access all of them at the same time when working with the development center.
Education Hub An organization that is an education hub for small business owners can come in a variety of forms, from enrolling in full-on MBA programs to taking specific courses on search engine optimization and identifying target audience. Here, we focus on the smaller and more affordable education resources that don't require enrollment in a degree program. Education is one of the many helpful resources for your small business. The amount of time and money small business owners should invest into additional education will vary from person to person so explore your options.
Financier An organization who is a financier is responsible for obtaining funds for your enterprise. Many organizations have money or resources available to help you get the funding you need to finance your business.
Incubator An incubator offers services to startups like training, education, mentoring, connections and possibly office space without a specific, finite program for the startup to complete (i.e. finite = accelerator).
Marketer A marketing organization provides the small business with strategy and tools to advertise their product and reach their customer base. Services may vary from macro-strategy consulting for reaching new customers to hands-on search engine optimization (SEO).
Networking Hub A networking hub will help you build connections and sustain enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. Networking is one of many helpful resources to explore for your small business.

Non-Profit Status

Is this organization a non-profit or a for-profit? Generally, non-profits exist to provide a public service.


How much does it cost to use the particular resource?

Cost Price Description
$ <$50
$$ $50-250
$$$ $250-1000
$$$$ >$1000

Developmental Stage

The developmental stage listed in each institution's info box is the suggested business development stage that an entrepreneur should at least be at in order to succeed with an organization. Many times, knowing which areas of business development you need assistance with can make the whole process more efficient.

Developmental Stage Description
Concept The small business owner needs assistance with or has recently completed their business plan, and basic development of their business's structure.
Start-Up The business has just become incorporated.
Growth The small business owner has perhaps turned a profit or is more comfortable with their initial planning and seeks to scale their business growth.
Established The business has been around for at least a couple years and the owner feels confident about their role as an entrepreneur.


This organization provides specific resources for minority small business owners.


This organization provides specific resources for female small business owners.


This organization provides specific education resources for small business owners.


This organization provides specific certification resources for small businesses and their owners.


This organization provides specific consulting resources for small business owners.


This organization provides specific co-working spaces for small businesses.


This organization provides specific financing resources for your small business.


This organization provides specific meeting spaces for small businesses.


This organization provides specific mentoring opportunities for small business owners.


This organization provides specific networking opportunities for small business owners.


This is the official website of the organization, where you can find out more about the resource and its services.

Contact E-Mail

This is an e-mail used to communicate with the organization. Keep in mind there is more than one way to contact the organization (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, phone call).

Contact Phone Number

This is a phone number used to communicate with the organization. Keep in mind there is more than one way to contact the organization (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, E-Mail).