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This page is a part of the McNair Center's Guide to Small Business in Houston section on Houston's Small Business Resources.

Certifications can be required, or just beneficial, for small businesses to complete. Luckily there are resources available to help your business get the certifications you want or need.

What Is It?

Certifications are formal accreditations that accompany a training program or application.

Why Is It Important to My Business?

Many small businesses need specific certifications for day-to-day operations, but other small businesses qualify for another type of certification depending on the business owners. At a national level, the Small Business Administration (SBA) provides certifications to traditionally underrepresented business owners (i.e., women, minorities, and veterans). At a state and local level, several organizations also provide certificates to these types of businesses. You should apply to receive one or more of these certifications if you qualify. They provide you with more access to federal and state benefits such as SBD procurement mechanisms, targeting competition to specific industries where there are disparities, and increasing economic activity in distressed areas. [1]

Certification Resources for Houston Small Businesses

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Houston Minority Supplier Development Councilhttp://hmsdc.org/$$
Houston Small Business Administrationhttps://www.sba.gov/offices/district/tx/houston$
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Centerhttp://tmacgc.org/$$
Women's Business Enterprise Alliancehttp://www.wbea-texas.org/wbenc$$