Houston Entrepreneurship

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Houston Entrepreneurship
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Project Information
Has title Houston Entrepreneurship
Has owner Ben Baldazo, Dylan Dickens
Has start date January 2016
Has deadline date
Has keywords Hubs, Incubators, Accelerators, Houston, Venture, Capital, Angel, Investor, Startups, Crowding-out, Social-Media
Has project status Subsume
Does subsume Houston Accelerators (issue brief), Houston Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, Start-Up Guide (Issue Brief), Start-Ups of Houston (Map), Houston Accelerators and Incubators (Report), VC Report Houston 2017, Houston Economic Data
Subsumed by: Houston Innovation District
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Content
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Houston has vast opportunities and resources for an entrepreneurial mindset to take advantage of: extensive networks of philanthropists, the medical center, and oil money, just to name a few. This page is dedicated to diagraming what Houston has to show for this.

Subsumed Projects

The current write up of the Houston Accelerator issue brief is here: https://docs.google.com/a/rice.edu/document/d/1RwXuZmB6gKxgOlyoco0dTigIZ0xf185dwDgLZnVTvgY/edit?usp=sharing_eip&ts=58a4c002

VC In Houston

Files are in:


Related Projects

For Small Business: Guide to Small Business in Houston

Preliminary Artifacts Location

'E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\Acc Rank (IB)\Charts.xlsx'






E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\Startup Source Files\Startups\HSM11.xlsx


  • Either above will work.
  • Sources are listed in file E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\Startup Source Files\Startups\HSMPriority.xlsx
    • This sheet explains in which order I pulled the information into the spreadsheet (and consequently the sources I pulled from)
    • I've also added a subjective measure from 1 to 3 of how valuable I think the data is.
    • In case you're lazy here are the names:
  • Side Note: there are notes in the database drive under Z:\Bulk\Houston\HoustonSQLNotes.txt
    • Or there's also the code in Z:\Bulk\Houston\Houston.sql
Startup Lists
List Entries Location Notes
AngelList 500 https://angel.co/ Under Houston and Startups Filters
HoustonStartupsList 283 http://houston.startups-list.com/
StartupBlinkMap 379 http://www.startupblink.com/ Within Houston Area
Startups-Accelerators 292 From Accelerators Websites
SDC VC Houston Port Cos 493 Pulled from Thomson Reuters SDC Venture Data Pull was from Venture Data in Houston MSA
CrunchBase 116 https://www.crunchbase.com Under Houston. Not much data could be pulled in mass
StartHouston 27 http://www.starthouston.com/people/startups/ This should possibly have been included in Startups-Accelerators but it was a late addition
VeeralURL Updated 27 E:\McNair\Software\Scripts\Gscript2.py Used a program that looked for additional websites on google
HSMWhoIsParser Updated anything with a website E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\WhoIsParser\WhoIsParser.pl Program that mines website registration
PortCoToVC Updated all entries from the VC pull E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\Startup Source Files\Startups\PortCoToVC.txt SDC Pull that shows which VC firms invested in a Company



Accelerator Rankings


Venture Capital

Firms in Houston: File:SDCVentureHoustonList.txt

'E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\Startup Source Files\Venture'

Most of these (if not all) are from SDC pulls.

File Locations




Code Held in:


Notation of all tables and a few other documentations held:

  • Look here to see if a table has already been made or if there's a newer version of a certain table