Help using SDC Platinum

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How to use:

For example we want to obtain information about executives of portfolio companies which received last investments from November 2013 to November 2015.

Run SDC Platinum, and login in with User Initials "mc" (without quotes). Fill in project description. Select VentureXpert and select Portfolio Companies under Industry Resources. Select Search Menu in Navigation Method (never select Express Reports). Double click Company Area Cd under Portfolio Company. Double click All Canada and select all British Columbia rows by double clicking. Open Venture Related Deals under Investment Type and then select All Venture Related Deals. Under Investment Summary, open Date Company Rcvd its First Investment and set the dates. Exit search window and click on the Report button on the tool bar. Select Custom and find whatever information you want to display in the report, such as Company Name and Address, add them by double clicking. Click OK and click OK again on the right hand side of the window. Select No when asked to return to design mode. Input name for custom report and save. Choose Column Grid format and save as txt file. Click Execute on the top to generate the report.

Login Information

  • User Initials: mc
  • Enter project description: anything

Create a New Project

  • Enter Project Description
  • Select a Database
    • VentureXpert
      • Choose Industry Resource
    • Global New Issues Databases
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Select Search Menu
  • In Search Items:
    • Select Moneytree Deals or Venture Related Deals
    • Select all other filters needed for the analysis (i.e. dates or state)
    • Fill out custom time frame for filters requiring dates
  • In Express Report Items (Under report in top bar, create custom report):
    • Select all variables for analysis (double click)
  • Select OK on far right column
  • Save custom report
  • In report options: select 'Save As' from the row of tabs at the top
    • Enter file name and save the report to a text file (.txt)
  • Select Execute to generate a report

To Open the Report in TextPad

  • Open Documents from Windows Menu
  • Select Local Disk (C:)
  • Select SDC
  • Select
  • Select Platinum
  • Select USR
  • left click on your text file, select open with TextPad