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The Keyword matches text file can be found:
The Keyword matches text file can be found:
==Downloading HTML Files with Selenium==

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McNair Project
Demo Day Page Parser
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Project Information
Project Title Demo Day Page Parser
Owner Peter Jalbert
Start Date
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Has project status Active
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Project Specs

The goal of this project is to leverage data mining with Selenium and Machine Learning to get good candidate web pages for Demo Days for accelerators. Relevant information on the project can be found on the Accelerator Data page.

Code Location

The code directory for this project can be found:


The Selenium-based crawler can be found in the file below. This script runs a google search on accelerator names and keywords, and saves the urls and html pages for future use:


A script to rip from HTML to TXT can be found below. This script reads HTML files from the DemoDayHTML directory, and writes them to the DemoDayTxt directory:


A script to match Keywords (Accelerator and Cohort names) against the resulting text pages can be found in KeyTerms.py. The script takes the Keywords located in CohortAndAcceleratorsFullList.txt, and the text files in DemoDayTxt, and creates a file with the number of matches of each keyword against each text file.

The script can be found:


The Keyword matches text file can be found:


Downloading HTML Files with Selenium