Ben Baldazo (Research Plans)

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Ben Baldazo Research Plans (Plan Page)

Houston Entrepreneurship

Startups of Houston Interactive Maps - The Whole Process

Start-Ups of Houston (Map)

Use Google Maps to find Longitude and Latitude

  • Document how to work and what might go wrong

Put through R code to make an interactive map

  • Finding and Documenting the processes required to run the R code may be necessary
  • Works on Carto and looks really cool
  • We do eventually need to have a plug in and a Carto account so that we can post this on the Wiki

Accelerator Quality Issue Brief

Houston Accelerators (issue brief)

Factors to look at

  • Value Added
    • How to look at this though?
  • Market vs Non-Market
    • Philanthropic funding?
      • If Non-Profit: Propublica will document contributions
      • If for profit: call?
    • Founded Bottom up? or Top down?
      • See if it was founded by a group or individual with actual industry connections (online or phone)
  • Location
    • Proximity to resources
      • We may have to update the startups in Houston map for this
  • Available Resources (we should generally be able to call or find this on website, these should be things they brag about)
    • Flex Space
    • Events
    • Co-Working
    • Connections/Mentorship
      • This can also have a judged value based on Mentor/Connection perceived experiece
    • Funding (This may be hard but if they offer their own VC we can check through SDC)
    • Userbase
  • Leadership/Experience qualifications (Linkedin, profiles on their own websites, other bios)
    • Have they driven a startup before or been in backseat
    • What other qualifications do they have
  • Criteria from the Acc Rankings (as long as we have portfolios then we can use SDC for this)
    • VC funding history
    • IPO
    • Acquired
  • Any other reviews possible
    • Other articles (Xconomy, Houston Chronicle, etc.)
    • Info from actually calling the accelerators (Putting a list of questions up on the discussion for Houston Accelerators (issue brief)
    • perhaps reviews from startups themselves
      • Could look specifically into startups that have gone through multiple accelerators hopefully we have phone numbers on File:HSM10.xlsx