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{{Team Member|Has team sponsor=McNair StaffCenter|Went to school=Rice|Has team position=Research AssistantStudent|Has job title=Researcher|Has name=Catherine Kirby,|Has or doing degree=BA,Bachelor|Has academic major=Political Science,|class=2019,|join_date=09/08/2016,|Has skills=Korean, Writing, Spanish, Research,|interests=Public Policy, Cooking, Languages, Desserts, Learning to Punch,|fun_fact=I am a *blackbelt in Taekwondo(supposedly),|Has,|Has team status=Active,Inactive
Catherine Kirby is a 19 year old Rice student working as a Research Assistant for the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy's McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Catherine currently lives in the Houston area and attends Rice University.
==Early Life==
 Catherine was born and raised in Dallas by parents Judy and Randy Rangy Kirby. She has three younger siblings, Parker (18), Christine (15), and Andrew (12). Her father, RandallRangall, is a Board Certified General general and Vascular Surgeon vascular surgeon and her mother, Judy, is a board certified an ophthalmologist.She attended the Hockaday School for eight years, graduating in 2015. Catherine began teaching herself Korean in ninth grade and later attended the National Security Language Initiative for Youth Korean Summer and studied at Sogang University in 2014. 
Catherine is a rising Sophomore majoring in Political Science and minoring in Business at Rice University. She resides at Baker College, making her the third Kirby to make Baker her home.
==Organizational Involvement==
bisf yay Catherine serves as the Head of Formal Events for the Baker Institute Student Forum. In addition, she has also volunteered for the Leaders Program for the Partnership for the Advancement and Immersion of Refugees and for the Rice International Language Exchange.  
==Work Experience==
cake shop yay tastyCatherine worked as a policy intern at Glasshouse Policy, an Austin non-profit focusing on Texas state policy and city issues in 2015 with a stipend from the Rice University Center for Civic Leadership. In high school, Catherine volunteered teaching ESL, Korean to young Korean children, and Korean to foreign students. She has also subtitled a movie for the Busan International Film Festival and worked at Nothing Bundt Cakes.  
==Time at McNair==
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