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To find exactly which companies were worth examining, we drew names of all venture-backed companies from SDC Platinum's MoneyTree deal list, and then used a perl script to match said list with each Fortune 500 between 1980 and 2014 (the most recently released year). We drew our Fortune 500 from 1980-2005 from Fortune magazine. We then drew 2005-2014 data from TopForeignStocks' database [].
Once the names were matched, we pulled specific data on these companies of interest from SDC platinum. These data included information on the first/last date of VC investment, total capitalization of the VC investment, specific location, and industry class/subclass. To ensure that our industry-specific data were accurate, we downloaded NAICS codes from the WRDS database and spotted no points of conflict between SDC and WRDS' conclusions.  Once all of these data were in place, we dumped everything into Excel and attempted to draw meaningful conclusions. While we didn't find any "dead ringer" relationships within the data, we were surprised to note several trends in F500 and VC. =='''Greater trends in the Fortune 500'''==
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