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Projects might be listed on this site for a number of reasons, including to aid collaboration, to provide resources to other researchers conducting similar research, and to structure knowledge for my own reference. The list of projects is therefore not exhaustive.  If there are projects that you'd like me to share, then please [[Profile |contact me]]! ==Restricted Access Projects== Acces to the following projects is restricted to project participants:*[[VC Bargaining]]*[[Silicon Valley Bank Data Project]]*[[OKC Project]] on Online Dating  ==Open Projects== Researchers and other interested parties are welcome to view my 'open' project pages. If you wish to contribute please sign up for an account (email me for details). Please cite me appropriately and respect my IP when using any material posted on this site. Open projects:
Current project pages:
*[[Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp| The NBER Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp]]
*[[NBER Patent Data | The NBER Patent Data Project]]
*[[Classifying Names by Culture]] ==Defunct Projects== The foolowing projects are nominally 'defunct'. That means that I'm not currently working on them and am comparatively unlike to resume any work on them in the immediate future. If you are interested in reviving a defunct project, please contact me.
Defunct project pages:
*[[Classifying Names by Culture]]
*[[Political Contributions By Venture Capitalists]]
Restricted Access Projects:
*[[VC Bargaining]]
*[[Silicon Valley Bank Data Project]]
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