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Projects might be listed on this site for a number are deliverable-based efforts, undertaken by small groups of reasons, including research or tech team members. Projects ranged from codifying institutional knowledge into wiki pages to aid collaborationcreating tools or datasets, to provide resources to other researchers conducting similar research, and to structure knowledge for my own referencebuilding components of academic papers. The list of projects is therefore not exhaustive. If there are projects that you'd like me to share, then please [[Profile |contact mefeatured projects]]!page provides some examples.
Current project Projects should be created using [[Form:Project]], which uses [[Template:Project]], which in turn places pagesinto [[:Category:*Project]]. The [[Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp| Property:Has title]] fields should exactly match the wiki page name. The NBER Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp[[Property:Has sponsor]] field designates the overarching project or organization supporting the work, such as [[Ed Egan]], [[McNair Center]]*, or [[NBER Patent Data | The NBER Patent Data Kauffman Incubator Project]]*. Team members should take ownership of projects using [[Classifying Names by CultureProperty:Has owner]]and record the status of the project using [[Property:Has project status]]. [[Property:Has project output]] can take multiple values including, Tool, Data, Content, How-to, and Guide. A null value indicates that the project is for internal use or supports an intermediate objective.
Defunct project pages:*[[Political Contributions By Venture Capitalists]]==List of Projects==
Restricted Access Projects{{#ask: * [[VC BargainingCategory:Project]]* | format=count | intro=<strong>Data summary: There are </strong> | outro=<strong> projects found.</strong>}} {{#ask: [[Silicon Valley Bank Data Category:Project]] |mainlabel=Project |?Has owner=Owner |?Has project status=Status |?Has sponsor=Sponsor |?Has project output=Deliverable |format=table}}

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