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 ==Plugin Overview==Faced with the problem of no standardization across incubator and accelerator websites, there is a design feasibility question concerning automating the extraction of information. A browser plugin with user guidance could serve as a fundamental first step towards total mechanization of the process. See [[LP_Extractor_Protocol]] for a comprehensive introduction to potential methods. The focus of this design is to create a tool which allows for the quick identification of HTML markings on a webpage and subsequent reduction to a DSL for useful data extraction. Multiple options will be considered, including allowing the user to visually 'draw' a grid, either via dragging or marking vertices, and mouse-over. Attention will be given to potentially viable technical resources as well as usability.  Current List of sites to examine: [[Media:File:Accelerator List.xlsx]]  '''Sample Webpage:'in progress''[[File:Kobeexampless.PNG|thumb|center|upright=3|Image taken from]]  ==Technical Specifications== ===User Input Styles===* Drag + Drop* Marking Vertices* Mouse-Over ===Browser Considerations===  ===Language Considerations=== ===Current Problems===* "Infinite Scroll" webpages: Potentially impossible to account for incubator websites which display company lists in an infinite scroll style. Would require multiple instances of user input.


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