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The other columns can be added to the end of our sheet as supplemental data.
==SQL Scripts, Files, and Databases==
The contents of E:\McNair\Projects\Accelerators\Summer 2018\For Ed Merge July 17.xlsx where copied into CohortCosWcbuuid.txt (in the Accelerators folder, as well as Z:/crunchbase2, Z:/../vcdb2).
The script '''AddCBData.sql''' loads this data into '''crunchbase2'''. It then outputs the relevant crunchbase data into '''CBCohortData.txt'''
The script '''LoadAcceleratorDataV2.sql''' (see around line 305) loads both '''CohortCosWcbuuid.txt''' and '''CBCohortData.txt'''. It then produces a CohortCoExtended table, which is output to a file.
Note that '''CohortCoExtended.txt''' includes a variable GotVC, which takes the value 1 if the cohort company got VC and zero otherwise:
gotvc | count
0 | 11465
1 | 1504
(2 rows)
We now need to determine which cohort companies we have timing information for and which we don't - and use demo days to get the info we are missing!

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