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{{Team Member|Has team sponsor=McNair StaffCenter|Went to school=Rice|Has team position=Research Student|Has job title=Tech Team|Has name=Minh Le|Has headshot=Minhle profilepic.png|Has or doing degree=Bachelor of Science|Has academic major=Computer Science
|join_date=18 June 2020
|Has skills=Coding, Java, C, Python, Swift, Graphic Design,|interests=Art and Design, Coding, Cooking, Cultural Events, Music, Game Design, Photography,|fun_fact=uhh...,|Has|Has skype=leminh.ams|Has team status=Active|college=Lovett
Minh Le is a rising junior at Rice University currently working as a Research Assistant for the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy's McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
==Early Life==
Minh was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. He attended Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted before pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at Rice University.
Minh is a junior at Rice University majoring in Computer Science, with a language certificate in Japanese. He resides at Lovett College.
==Organizational Involvement==
Minh is the Founder and Co-President of the Rice Japanese Club as well as the Cultural Representative of Lovett College Central Committee. He is also one of the current Academic Fellows at Lovett College.
Minh was the former Events Coordinator of the Rice Vietnamese Student Association. He also designed both versions of the current Cloud 9 Club Frisbee's jersey.
==Work Experience==
Minh was a coding instructor for a local Vietnamese summer camp. He is currently a TA for COMP 382 of Fall 2018.
Main Projects:
[[Accelerator Demo Day]] - Leverage data-mining and machine-learning to produce results usable to build a database.
[[Installing TensorFlow]] - Installing TF on the DBserver
==Time at McNair==
[[Minh Le (Work Log)]]

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