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{{Team Member|Has team sponsor=McNair StaffCenter|Went to school=Rice|Has team position=Research TeamStudent|Has job title=Researcher|Has name=Matthew Ringheanu|user_imageHas headshot=rsz_picture4.jpg|Has or doing degree=BABachelor|Has academic major=MTEC; Business Minor
|Has skills=Excel, Writing
|interests=Running, Economy, Music, Movies
|Has|skype_nameHas skype=mringheanu|Has team status=Active
==Early Life==
Matthew Ringheanu was born in Brooklyn, New York to the parents Mircea and Mihaela Ringheanu, both of whom had just immigrated from Romania. He lived in Brooklyn until the age of 5 when he moved to an imaginary small city at the southernmost tip of Texas called Harlingen. This is where he lived the rest of his life until moving to Houston in 2015 to attend college.

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