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Download the file manually from replace existing file in McNair/Patent Data/Maintenance Fee Data.
Schema for maintenance fee table, called according to documentation:
Column | Type | Modifiers
patent | character varying |
appnum | integer |
size | character varying |
filedate | date |
gdate | date |
feedate | date |
feecode | character varying |
Seems to contain instructions for making maintenance fee and fee code tables in table - but how do we parse the original data?
Based off opening the text file mentioned in the instructions in the above link and the new text file I downloaded from USPTO bulk, that text file is already in the correct format to load into the database using the code in Patent Expiration Rules.
Seems like it was cleaned first though, and there doesn't seem to be a way (currently) to specify where we want to start loading new data into the database.
===For the USPTO Historical Patent Data===

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