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Now to parse the data and load it into the RDP database. This parser, xml_parser2.plx, is located under McNair/usptoAssigneeData. Do not use the other parsers located in this directory - they are believed to be out-of-date.
Before parsing, look in the "patent" database and look for the most recent frameno and reelno so we don't copy over data that we already have in the database. Remove all files that have data we already loaded into the database before running the parser.
current max reelno: 39068 (4/20/2017)
current max frameno 9680 (4/20/2017)
This will load the data into the database. Running should have loaded the files into a directory of your choosing. Pass the path to the directory to the parser and it will parse the data and load it.
*The parser will open a connection to a database on the RDP's installation of postgres. It will then put the data directly into this database. Once complete. we manually move the tables to the dbase server's database (i.e. patent).
*The password hint is ''tsn''. You can run pgAdmin III to connect to it.

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