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Run, which is located in McNair/usptoAssigneeData, to split the data.This will break up the large xml files. To do this: Go to: E:/McNair/usptoAssigneeData (this is the version of the splitter to use) Run the command: perl Each file will then be blown out into a directory of xml files in E:/McNair/usptoAssigneeData/name-of-directory-you-chose Notes:*Change line 26 of script to reflect the year (name-of-directory-you-chose, the directory that you want to put the split files into) this will go ahead and put the files in the directory so you don't have to copy them. ====xml_parser2.plx==== Now to parse the data and load it into the RDP database.  
As of 4/20/2017 is we think the correct parser is xml_parser2.plx in McNair/usptoAssigneeData.

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