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===How to run Perl Scripts to extract Patent Data===
1) If you're #Log on a Mac and you'd like to run this from your terminal, you can map the network drive to your computer (instructions can be found under Help for New Staff scroll down RDP#Open powershell#Change directory to wherever the "Working with the infrastructure and click on the link to "How to Map the network drive)script is located by doing:2) If you're really curious about how to install and run perl programs, see this link (httpse: cd /mcnair/wwwwhatever#Run the script by doing: perl scriptname arg1 arg2 or perl-2641103)scriptname argument1=arg1 . However, perl is already installed for you to use. Just open a command line and type perl to run a perl program (but you need to get onto the bulk drive where arg1 and change directories arg2 are arguments passed to the appropriate directory to run perl scripts you need to download patent-related data - see below for how to do that)script either directly or by name (e.g.3, argument1=) Now it's time to download the data so it can be parsed.
====For the Main Patent Data====

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