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** instructions for adding a table to a wiki page
* Making spreadsheet led me to realize there is some data that is repeated (filedate in fee table when it is also located in patent table, and the fee table includes the patent
'''3/7/2017''' - Continued working on spreadsheet, update project page with relevant links, developed following plan for documentation
* Most important thing for new documentation in my opinion is a clear flow, i.e., one central page on the database, which contains links to the following:
** Where data is (patent data) where it came from (Harvard Dataverse, etc), the scripts/SQL used to obtain the data, and where original xml files can be located
** Next, there should be an ER diagram that shows the general design, followed by short descriptions of each table is, what it's related to, and what it's use is
** Each table should contain a link to a separate wiki page on the table which will explain all the columns, where the data came from,
provide a visual example of data in the table, list issues, and also contain a log of what has been done to the table over time
** there should also be instructions on the page for how, if someone is going to change the database (add a table, alter a column, etc.) which documentation they should update (the wikipage for the table, for example)
** Links to USPTO Assignee Database with an explanation of how it is joined with the Patent Database
** Lastly, everything should be dated. I know that each wiki-page lists when it was last edited, but the main page, next to table descriptions, should have the date the table was originally added. The ER diagram should be updated as needed and also dated so that readers know if it's the most current representation of the database.

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