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TiE is a non-profit, global community welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world. We believe in the power of ideas to change the face of entrepreneurship and growing business through our five pillars; mentoring, networking, education, incubating and funding. TiE was founded in 1992 by a group of successful entrepreneurs and is currently the world’s largest entrepreneurial organization out there. With programs like TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) and Mentor Match, we are reaching out and fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs. Source:TIE
==Education==A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals founded The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) organization in 1992. From there, the organization has expanded to cover 61 worldwide chapters and advertises enrollment of 13,000 members. One of these chapters is TiE Houston hosts Keynotes. TiE Houston has over 60 charter members and an active member base. They collaborate with local startup incubators and accelerators, Webinarsuniversities, Workshops and Youth Entrepreneurship programs throughout co-networking spaces to co-host workshops and events targeted towards the yearbroader Houston community. Check the calendar for upcoming events!
==FundingActivities==The success of early stage companies depends on access to capital, advice and networks. TiE Sponsors and Charter Members offer just that. TiE runs numerous angel investment groups and funding forums throughout it’s network. The Houston has a five-pillared mission of such programs is : they wish to support top-tier emerging companies with early stage investment and support.<br /> Funding Forum - Started in 2009promote mentoring, education, TiE Houstonnetworking, TiE Austinincubating, and TiE DFW, with support from theHouston Angel Network, have been hosting the TiE Texas Funding Forum, an annual event where aspiring entrepreneurs have an opportunity to access investorsfunding. In January 2015, the Forum will be hosted online to facilitate the broadest access to potential investors They do this through community partners individual events and leveraging the more broad programs. TiE Global Network's most current events calendar can be found [http://houston. Check the calendar for more details! ==Networking==TiE Houston hosts various networking throughout the year! Come and meet Sponsors| here], Charter, Corporate and General Members! Check the calendar for upcoming events! ==Mentoring==TiE was founded on the belief that nurturing entrepreneurs will lead to the virtuous cycle their list of wealth creation and encapsulates the true spirit of giving back to the communityprograms can be found [http://houston.tie. There are several Mentoring org/category/programs at many of the TiE Chapters – both Group mentoring and Personal one-to-one sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs. These include “TiE Institute”, “My Story Sessions”, “Business Builder Breakfast”, Mentoring at “Business Plan Competitions” and many more/| here].

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