VC Policy Report

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The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the increased market share of VC-backed, publicly-traded companies.

Founding dates of 5 companies that Ed wanted:

  1. Microsoft - April 4, 1975
  2. Apple - April 1, 1976
  3. Google - September 4, 1998
    1. Alphabet - October 2, 2015
  4. Amazon - July 4, 1995
  5. Facebook - February 4, 2004


1. VC into US portfolio companies (round amount) big year (in Hubs database. psql vc policy) + Match List (Ben has this)

2. Acquisitions (100%, complete) of US firms by US firms - transaction value -> match to VC

3. IPOs (completed) - enterprise value and gross proceeds of US firms on Nasdaq, Amex, NYSE -> match to VC

4. (from compstat) Sales and market value of publicly traded (nasdaq, nyse, amex) US firms (shrout*price) -> match to VC

company name, exchange, ticket, sales, mkt value, naics, cusip, state, year

VC Policy Report Database

DataBase in the Z: Drive under


Database documentation in


Including all code in


Tables in Database


All Acquisitions based on SDC Data documented in



All Acquisitions based on SDC Data documented in



All Acquisitions based on SDC Data documented in



From roundinfoclean table from Hubs database


From Compustat data in table "vc4.txt" in the database documentation folder (detailed earlier)

M&A Data


Excel data by country available on bulk drive (E:\McNair\Projects\M&A Data)

United States's 2016 M&A up to date (as of Nov 7, 2016) : $1444 billion USD

That M&A share is larger than the regions of:

  • Europe [$709 bill.]
  • Western Europe [$683 bill.]
  • Eastern Europe [$32 bill.]
  • Asia-Pacific [$834 bill.]
  • South East Asia [$77 bill.]
  • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) [$32.2 bill.]
  • Middle East & North Africa (MENA) [$52 bill.]
  • South America [$53 bill.]

To Do

FIRST: Tell Dylan he's Awesome. SECOND: Refill the keurig

Now that the data we need has been uploaded into the database:

  1. REDUCE data to US companies and completed IPO/Acquisitions (create new table with only US companies)
    1. allipo and allacquis reduced so far - avesh
    2. used getreal function to replace np values- versions called allipo_us_clean and allacquis_us_clean - avesh
  2. REDUCE data to NYSE and NASDAQ and AMEX
    1. allipo reduced to NYSE NASDAQ and AMEX in allipo_usexch
  3. MATCH data with VC backed companies (Also in the database) to filter companies to only those that have been VC backed (program in software/scripts to match organizations,
  4. AGGREGATE yearly numbers to diagram the following variables over time for VC backed companies
    1. Number of each (IPO, Acquisitions, VC backed...)
    2. Total Value of all of the transactions (IPO, Acquisitions, VC, Sales and Mkt...)
    3. Aggregate completed 11/18/16. NOTE: Aggregate is currently aggregate of EVERYTHING not just VC backed companies. We will have to do match then rerun this code. The code can all be found in VCPolicyReport in the VCPolicy folder located on
      1. ben made new code on this
      2. carlin - redo vc aggregate table according to ben's code on 11/23

Note: in order to reduce we may need to reference:

E:\McNair\Projects\Winner's Curse\Data\SQL       ExampleCode.sql
  • This will replace "np" values in columns like ValTransactionmil from AllAcquis with null values