Su Chen Teh

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Team Member
Su Chen Teh
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Status Inactive
Degree Bachelor
Major Economics; Civil & Environmental Engineering
School Rice
Job Title Admin
Sponsor McNair Center
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Su Chen Teh is an administrative assistant at the Baker Institute's McNair Center.

Early Life

Su Chen grew up in Singapore. After graduating from Raffles Institution in November 2015, she moved to the Houston, Texas for her undergraduate education at Rice University.


Su Chen is a freshman at Rice University majoring in Economics and Civil & Environmental Engineering. She is a member of Martel College, and will be a Mentor and Peer Academic Advisor in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Work Experience

Before enrolling in Rice University, Su Chen has interned with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Asia-Europe Foundation, where she helped to organize several international events. She will be doing another internship with the Ministry of National Development in Singapore in Summer 2017.

Time at McNair

Su Chen Teh (Work Log) Admin