Rick Santorum (Trade)

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Rick's Trade (section page)

No tariffs

  • "We shouldn't be putting tariffs on anything. That hurts working men and women. What we should do is making our manufacturing more competitive. One of the reasons I introduced the 20/20 plan, a 20 percent flat tax on corporations, as well as on individuals, is so we can be competitive, so we can bring those manufacturing jobs back. We need to take those jobs from China and bring them back here." (OTIFT)

The US needs an Ex-Im bank

  • "A true conservative wants to create a level playing field. There's 60 Ex-Im banks all over the world. Every major competitor for the United States' manufacturing dollar has one of those banks. In order to have a level playing field, we have to have export financing and here's why. G.E. just lost a contract, you know what they did? They got the Ex-Im bank in France to support it, and they moved manufacturing to Hungary and France. GG.E. is doing well, but American workers are out of jobs." (OTIFT)

Free Trade

  • Negotiate Free Trade Agreements with the goal of expanding access to foreign markets for American products and services (RSWTR)