Patent start date end date project

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Patent Maintenance Fee Schedule:

Maintenance fees need to be paid 3.5 ~4, 7.5 ~8, and 11.5 ~12 years after grant

After some time, t, patents are valid from the grant date to 20 years after the application date.

Before t, patents are valid from the application date to 18 years before the grant date.

I don’t know what happens when people don’t pay maintenance fees.

There is enough information in the patent  and feestatus table to create a patentStartdateEnddate table.

Table we want to make:

       Table "public.patentstartdateenddate"

Column  |       Type             | Modifiers


patent   | character varying |

start      | date                   |

end       | date                    |



Take the patentID from the patent table.

Check if a fee has been paid within a certain date range using the feestatus table.

The date range will have to be determined by learning about the rules around maintenance fees.