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Arching Objective

To create a master venture capital data set on which all other projects requiring venture capital data will be built.

Variables to Pull

Company Level

  • coname - Company Name
  • state - Company State
  • Industry - Company VE Industry Class
  • address - Company Area Cd or Company North American Location
  • date of founding - Company Founding Date
  • date of first investment - Date Company Rcvd its First Investment
  • date of last investment - Date Company Rcvd its Last Investment
  • total amount invested - Total Known Amount Invested in Company
  • MSA, CMSA - Company MSA
  • city - Company City
  • date of IPO - Company IPO Date

round level

main round

  • round date - Round Date
  • round amount - Round Amount, Disclosed ($ Thou) or Round Amount, Estimated ($ Thou)
  • coname (or primary key) - Company Name
  • round number - Round Number
  • stage - STAGE1, STAGE2, STAGE3

round on one line

  • round on one line - COMBINED_ROUND_INFO
    • round date - Fund Portfolio Cos: Round Date
    • round amount - Fund Portfolio Cos: Round Amount, Disclosed ($ Thou) or Fund Portfolio Cos: Round Amount, Estimated (Thou)
    • name of investor - Fund Name
  • fund type - Fund Type
  • coname (or primary key) - Fund Portfolio Cos: Name
  • E:\McNair\Software\Scripts contains normalizing script for round on one line. HubsCapture.pl

Fund Level?

  • fund name
  • closing date
  • last investment
  • first investment
  • msa
  • msa code
  • average investment
  • number of companies invested
  • total known investment
  • address
  • fund size

Data sets to build

  1. number of deals (first investments) by state, industry, msa, city, year, quarter
  2. number of foundings (conditional on receiving vc later) by state, industry, msa, city, year, quarter
  3. deal amount (first investment) by stage, state, industry, msa, city, year, quarter
  4. invested amount (any round) by stage, state, industry, msa, city, year, quarter
  5. number of deals by stage state, industry, msa, city, year, quarter
  6. number of investments (any round) by stage, state, industry, msa, city, year, quarter
  7. number of investors by stage, state, industry, msa, city, year, quarter

Houston/Galveston/Brazoria Pull/Work

  • 5 Pulls, all under MSA Houston/Galveston/Brazoria filter
    • Firm Level
    • Fund Level
    • Company Level
    • Round Level
    • Round on One Line

Work Details

  • SDC pulls at all 5 levels followed by normalization of data
  • Data can be found in E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\MarketNonMarket (more details about which are specific to this project will be posted later) and files for import to SQL can be found in Z:\VentureCapitalData
  • SQL tables are found in psql vcdata
  • SQL code found in E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\MarketNonMarket\SQL Script 1

Jake Project

  • 1

Rank top 20 cities in the USA for venture capital. Rank by:

  1. # of deals (1st investments - deal number = 1 or rounddate=datefirstinv)
  2. amount invested per year (sum of round dollars)
  3. number of rounds made per year (count of rounds)
  4. number of IPOs per year (VC backed)
  5. number of acquisitions per year (VC backed)
  6. number of alive venture backed firms in a year (had a round within last 5 years and haven't exited)
  • Alive - Examine health of entrepreneurship ecosystem within an MSA or CMSA and how it is affected by the proximity of venture-backed companies to one another (measured by minimum circle area between firms within the MSA). The goal is to see whether MSA's with closer or further proximity between companies see greater growth in successive years. In order to be considered "living," the companies must have not undergone IPO's, liquidations, or acquisitions and must have received venture funding within the last 5 years. If these requirements are not met, they are dropped from the data.

Throw out duplicate names for companies (take only the most recent one when duplicates and match on name and first inv).

Work Details

  • See SQL database 'vcdata' for tables
  • SDC data imported into 'vcdata' found in Z:\VentureCapitalData
  • Code found in E:\McNair\Projects\VentureCapitalData\SQL Scripts

SDC Pull


  • Nation: U.S. State: TX MSA: Houston, Texas City-Galveston, Brazoria Year: 1980-2017. Venture Related: Yes
  • Definition of Houston: MSA Codes for Galveston, Texas City, Brazoria, and Houston, and at state=TX

Variables Pulled

Pull round based info (through portfolio company perspective):

  • Company Name
  • Round Number
  • Round Date
  • Round Amount Disclosed (thou)
  • Date Company Received Last Investment
  • Date Company Received First Investment
  • Company City
  • Total Known Amount Invested in Company (thou)
  • Company IPO Date
  • Company Found Date
  • Company Stage Level 3 at Round Date
  • Company Industry Minor Group
  • Company Industry Sub Group 3
  • Company State (Code)
  • Compnay MSA (Code)
  • Company Street Address, Line 1
  • Company Street Address, Line 2
  • Company Zip Cd

Exclusions and Classifications

Seed/Early/Later (Real VC)
 Early Stage
 Later Stage
Other VC
 Acq. for Expansion
 Bridge Loan
 Pending Acq
 Recap or Turnaround
Exclude (non-VC)
 Open Market Purchase
 Secondary Buyout