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http://www.houston.org/pdf/research/quickview/Economy_at_a_Glance.pdf -- The best resource I have found, contains a wide variety of data with good sources for the most part

http://www.houstonnwchamber.org/virDirEditorAssets/HoustonNWTX/chamberAccess/docs/Eco%20Devo%20Docs/jankowski%20Presentation%20for%20Northwest%20Chamber%20Economic%20Outlook.pdf A compilation of good specific data from reliable sources such as the BLS and Texas Workforce commission, presented in a clear and organized fashion. One drawback is that the data is from 2012.

The economy archives of houston.org has the same sort of data as the source above however the sources are sometimes clumped together making it difficult to group a data point to an exact source


SBA business data and statistics- links to many economic indicators a majority of which are useless as they typically are not just concerned with Houston.

       monthly employment in specific fields with annual percent changes


       somewhat interesting data and indexes 


      Kauffman index puts Houston as the eighth city in the United States for startup activity

http://cohgis.mycity.opendata.arcgis.com/ Overall does not seem useful, the data could be used to map percentage of permits that are going into businesses versus those which are going into home improvement, but i am not sure thats useful. Demographics can be used to see where certain types of people live but once again this does not seem exceedingly useful.

labor estimates http://www.tracer2.com/cgi/dataanalysis/cesReport.asp?menuchoice=ces