Houston's VC Firms

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Houston's VC Firms
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Project Information
Has title Houston's VC Firms
Has owner Diana Carranza
Has start date October 2017
Has deadline date
Has keywords VC Firms
Has project status Active
Does subsume Houston's Venture Capital Issue Brief
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Content
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Project Description

In this issue brief ("IB"), we explore Houston’s venture capital ("VC") firms. We intend to describe the VC firms base on on what they invest in, where they source the funds from and how big they are.

The IB is complimentary to the Houston's VC Issue Brief. The information will provide a clear picture of Houston's trends for VC financing.

Progress Report

Expected Date for First Draft: Week of November 6th, 2017

Project Location

E:\McNair\Projects\Houston\2017 Houston VC Firms


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Key Findings