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Wiki content is easy to edit and create. Content is written in a markup language, and the basic markup is provided below. There are also links to 'official' help sources. But first you should know that each page comes with it's own discussion page that you access using the tab at the tab (it is next to the edit tab). If you are unsure about some content, or want to discuss it, you should add your insights and comments there and not on the page itself!

Official Sources

This wiki runs on the MediaWiki platform that is used for wikipedia. Wikipedia provides the following pages that will help you:

Likewise, the mediawiki developers and community provide the following useful pages:

Useful tools

There's a wikipedia page on tools: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Tools

I think this VBA code (with instructions on how to use it) is the best way to convert tables from excel to wiki: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Technik/Text/Basic/EXCEL-Tabellenumwandlung/en

Quick Hints

Wiki pages are written in a very simple markup language. You can click the edit button on any page and enter marked-up content into the box and click save, and the new changes will appear instantly on the page. You can probably deduce all of the markup that you need by looking at an existing page, but as a quick reference the most used syntax is provided below. (Note that if you look at the source code, you will see that the <nowiki></nowiki>tag is used to prevent the wiki from interpreting the code.

Making tables using data from Excel

For now, use this website to paste data from Excel and then convert it to a format usable in Wiki. At a later date or possibly later today Carlin will figure out how to do this without using an external website (possibly by using a plugin).

Alternatively utilize regular expressions and Winner's Curse in Acquisitions (Academic Paper) as a reference for table making in wikis.

Bullets, Indents and Boxes

At the start of a line:

  • * to bullet
  • # to number bullet
  • : to indent
  • (space) to put things in a box

Now let's see them again in action:

  • to bullet
  1. to number bullet
to indent
to put things in a box


To make headers heirarchiarly (TOC is automatic) use:

  • =Page header=
  • ==Section header== - The Quick Hint Section uses this
  • ===Sub-Section header=== - "Headers" is a sub-section
  • ====Sub-Sub-Section header===


There are two types of links:

  • [http:/www... Text that you want] are external links
  • [[WikiPage | Text that you want] or just [[WikiPage]] are internal links

With the first link, a space after the URL indicated that the text that follows is the label. With the second link, the text following the pipe (|) indicates the label. You can leave the pipe and text off and then the page link will show up as the page name, like this: [[BPP]] gives BPP.

Create A Page

If you want to create a new page, make a link to a page name that doesn't exist, save the page, and then click the link!

Basic Text Formatting

Use text formatting sparingly:

  • To make things italic put them in two quotes: ''italic''
  • To make things bold put them in three quotes: '''bold'''
  • To make things bold-italic put them in five quotes: ''''bold-italic''''


First, upload a file (there's a link in the toolbox to the right). Then link to that file. More information on how to align, scale, or otherwise process images is available from mediawiki's help pages


And we wouldn't feel like proper PhD students if we couldn't render some math. LaTex is fully supported. Just add a <math>...</math> tag around any LaTex like you would normally use either $...$ or $$...$$.

For example:

I am [math]\succ [/math] you.

You might also want to see the Help using LaTeX page!


Transclusion is a way to include pages, or text from pages in other pages. See: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Transclusion

On the source page you can:

  • Include tags like <onlyinclude> ... </onlyinclude> so that only the selected section will appear on transcluded pages
  • Include links to the pages itself, like [[Editing Content]]. On the source page these 'links' will appear as bold text, but on the transcluded page they appear as a link.

On the target page, you can include the transcluded page (or section thereof) by using:

  • {{:PageName}}