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Ecosystem: Denver CO
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Stats about Denver's entrepreneurial environment:[1]

  • Colorado is a top-5 state for innovation (WalletHub, 2017)
  • Colorado ranks No. 4 for startup activity (WalletHub, 2017)
  • Denver ranked No. 1 again on the “Best Places for Business and Careers" list (Forbes, 2016)
  • Colorado is the second-best tech state (Milken Institute, 2016)
  • Denver is the third-best city to start a tech career (, 2016)
  • Denver is the fourth-best city for young entrepreneurs (NerdWallet, 2016)
  • The Denver-Aurora-Lakewood MSA ranked fourth for science, tech professionals (WalletHub, 2016)

List of accelerators and incubators in Colorado

Note: Ideagist also has lists for incubators and accelerators in other regions.

Notes about specific incubators

  1. Innosphere (Fort Collins): founded Innosphere Fund, is a fee-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  2. Techstars (Boulder): more of an accelerator; the main incubator part is The Startup Weekend/Week.
  3. Boomtown Accelerator: more of an accelerator, but has an early-stage program with UpRamp.
  4. Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners: replaced Colorado Springs Technology Incubator which closed in 2015; has a working relationship with U.S Air Force Academy; is a 501c(3) corporation.
  5. Dynamize: no official website; associated with University of Denver; not sure if for-tech.
  6. Traxion: associated with the Colorado School of Mines; listed on CREED; education program makes it sound like an incubator.

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