Chris Christie (Environmental)

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NJ Gov. Chris Christie said he wants to see more investments in renewable energy come from the private sector. "We worked with the private sector to make solar affordable and available to businesses and individuals in our state," he said during Wednesday's Republican debate. "That's the way we deal with global warming — not through government intervention, not through government taxes, and for God's sake, don't send Washington another dime until they stop wasting the money they are already sending now." New Jersey is among the top 10 states in the country with the most solar energy. Christie said he was also interested in other energy sources, like oil, natural gas and wind. (CNBC)

Mr. Christie is not a climate change denialist: “I think global warming is real,” he said in April. “And I do think human activity contributes to it.” But he withdrew New Jersey from a regional cap-and-trade program intended to limit carbon emissions that cause global warming, and argued last year against unilaterally curbing emissions when people in China are “doing things to the environment that would never be done in our country.” (NYT)

Simplified Quotes

  • Ethanol in gasoline is the law; and that's just the minimum. (Mar 2015)
    • Christie speaking in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard at an agriculture summit
  • Jersey shore for tourism instead of offshore drilling. (Aug 2011)
    • Full Quote: "New Jersey's beach resources and shore towns are what make the Jersey shore the unique destination it is, and are the reason thousands of visitors return year after year. As stewards of the environment, it is incumbent that we take all necessary measures to protect these treasures and to sustain our coastal communities and the diverse economies they support."

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