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{{Team Member|Has team sponsor=McNair StaffCenter|Went to school=Rice|Has team position=Research TeamStudent|Has job title=Researcher|Has name=Eliza Martin,|Has or doing degree=BABachelor|Has academic major=Political Science; SpanishHistory; Policy Studies|class=2019,|join_date=September 2016,|Has skills=R, STATA, Content Development, Editing,|interests=RunningLive Music, Hiking, Traveling, Public Policy, Soccer,|fun_fact=I know how to cook guinea pig,|Has,|skype_nameHas skype=elizacmartin,|Has team status=Active,Inactive
Eliza Martin is a 19 year old Rice student currently working as a Research Assistant for the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy's McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Eliza currently lives in the Houston area and attends Rice University.
==Early Life==
Eliza was born in Austin, Texas, to parents Lori McClure and Manuel Martin. Her father immigrated from Madrid, Spain and he met her mother in Austin, Texas after her father attended UT Southwestern Medical School and her mother, the University of Texas Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs and the Institute of Latin American Studies. Eliza and her sister Julia have lived in Austin for the entirety of their lives. Her father is a family practice doctor and her mother is Vice President of Vianovo Consulting.
Eliza is a sophomore student majoring in Political Science, History, and Spanish at Rice University. She resides at Baker College.
==Organizational Involvement==
Aside from interning at the McNair Center, Eliza is involved in many organizations at Rice University. She is a Rice Orientation Week Advisor, Head Peer Academic Advisor, Bartender at Willy's Pub, and is coordinating Beer Bike.
==Work Experience==
Eliza has interned at Battle Ground Texas, volunteered for the Peruvian NGO Volunteers Peru, and worked as a coordinator for the Pedro Pablo Kuczynski for President campaign in Peru.
==McNair Updates==

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