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Information on each team member may be found in the table below. Team members of any kind are included in Category:Team Member

Data summary: There are 88 team members found.

McNair TeamHas team positionHas or doing degreeHas academic majorHas email
Alex JiangStudentBachelorComputer
Ariel SunStudentBachelorMTEC;
Avesh KrishnaStudentBachelorPolitical Science; Policy Studies;
Ben BaldazoStudentBachelorCHEM;
Carlin CherryStudentBachelorEconomics; Philosophy; Business; Managerial Studies;
Catherine KirbyStudentBachelorPolitical
Cindy RyooStudentMasterEcology and Evolutionary
Claudio Sanchez-NietoStudentBachelorMathematical Economic
David ZhangStudentBachelorMathematical Economic Analysis; Computer Science; Maths (minor)
Diana CarranzaStudentMasterGlobal
Dylan DickensStudentBachelorPolicy Studies; Political Science; Archeology & Water and Sustainability
Gunny LiuStudentBachelorCS &
Harrison BrownStudentBachelorComputer
Jackie LiStudentBachelorMathematical Economic
Jason IsaacsStudentBachelorEconomics;
Jeemin SimStudentBachelorComputer
Joe ReillyStudentBachelorEconomics; Managerial
Julia WangStudentBachelorEconomics; Art History; Certificate in Civic
Juliette RichertStudentBachelorMathematical Analysis of Economics; Policy
Komal AgarwalStudentBachelorPsychology; Managerial
Kranthi PandiriStudentBachelorComputer Science
Kunal ShahStudentMasterComputer
Leo DuStudentBachelorComputer Science
Mallika MiglaniStudentBachelorEcon
Matthew RingheanuStudentBachelorMTEC; Business
Meghana GaurStudentBachelorMTEC
Meghana PannalaStudentBachelorCAAM;
Napas UdomsakStudentBachelorComputer
Pedro AlvarezStudentBachelorEconomics and Managerial
Peter JalbertStudentBachelorComputer Science; Music
Ramee SalehStudentBachelorEconomics; Policy Studies;
Ravali KruthiventiStudentMasterComputer
Sahil PatnayakuniStudentBachelorComputer
Shrey AgarwalStudentBachelorMaterials Science and Nanoengineering; Business
Su Chen TehStudentBachelorEconomics; Civil & Environmental
Taylor JacobeStudentBachelorEconomics; Policy