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==Current Problems==
==Current Problems==
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Table Purpose

The Stdorgname Table is used to standardize firm names in the database in the Matchorgname Table.

Table Structure

            Table "public.stdorgname"
  Column   |          Type          | Modifiers 
stdorgname | character varying(255) | 
000 “Midera-K”
000 “MP ELSYS”
002134761 Ontario Ltd.
002152706 Ontario Ltd.
0055 Management Services Pty Ltd
01Click, L.L.C.
01 Communique Laboratory Inc.
01 dB Metravib
01 Inc.
0200L, LLC
02 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG
02IC, Inc.
02 Micro, Inc
02Micro Intermnational Limited

Table Variables

The table consists of all the aliases and variations of a firm's name. Each entry is unique.

Current Problems