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Documentation on the process of updating the patent database with new data and eventual designs for the new patent database. Not to be confused with "Patent Data Restructure", which deals with condensing and cleaning USPTO assignees data.
Deliverables by end of semesterFor anyone looking to pick up this project:Ended with notes on how to add data to database (see Current Design and build new patent Scripts Documentation).Below are some checklist items if we overhauled the database with core and rebuilt all the tables from datascratch, add which could be a next step.There is a lot of notes on this page about designing the database and what tables are necessary and which have been created for projects. Feel free to consult these if you are overhauling the database. I would suggest going through the tables from Patent Data Restructure in an existing patent database and Small Inventors Projectinstead removing extraneous tables that no longer have any use instead of rebuilding the entire database, write thorough documentation on since I determined that the existing schema isn't that convoluted and the process of downloading, parsing, and cleaning data from USPTO, let alone the Harvard Dataverse, is a huge hassle, so there isn't any reason to reinventthe wheel in my opinion.  If you're looking to just pull new patent database data from USPTO and want to know the process, see "Current Design and instructions on what documentation should be written when it is alteredScripts Documentation."
TODO on 4/13/2017
Keep working on updating patent data
* How to parse patent data
* How to parse assignment data
* Also update documentation as I go
== '''Redesigning Patent Database''' ==

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