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Project TitleHas owner
Reproducible Patent DataOliver Chang
SBA Investigation (Report)Dylan Dickens
Carlin Cherry
SBIR EvaluationCaitlin Grzeskowiak
SDC Normalizer
SDC Platinum (Wiki)Ben Baldazo
Scholar Crawler Main ProgramChristy Warden
Seed DB Parser
Selenium DocumentationPeter Jalbert
Small Business Access to Capital SurveysAriel Sun
Carlin Cherry
Small Business DataDylan Dickens
Small Business ResearchDylan Dickens
Jake Silberman
Carlin Cherry
Small Inventors ProjectAvesh Krishna
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Media Entrepreneurship Resources
Social Media Project
Start Up Address Finder Algorithm (Tool)Jake Floyd
Start-Up Guide (Issue Brief)Ben Baldazo
Dylan Dickens
Start-Ups of Houston (Map)Ben Baldazo
Startup Density Literature ReviewYunnie Huang
Stock and Flows of Publicly Traded Companies (Report)Will Cleland
TIF ProjectCindy Ryoo
Yunnie Huang
Texas Franchise TaxCindy Ryoo
The Matcher (Tool)
The Truth About Patent TrollsAlbert Nabiullin
Carlin Cherry
The Truth Behind Patent Trolls Issue Brief
Tiger GeocoderPeter Jalbert
Top Cities for VC Backed CompaniesPeter Jalbert
Trial Data ProjectCatherine Kirby
Jeemin Sim
Twitter Follower Finder (Tool)Christy Warden
Twitter News Finder (Tool)Christy Warden
Twitter Webcrawler (Tool)Gunny Liu
Twitterverse ExplorationGunny Liu
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
U.S. Seed AcceleratorsConnor Rothschild
URL Finder (Tool)Veeral Shah
US Address VerificationOliver Chang
USITCHarrison Brown
USPTO Patent Assignment DatasetEd Egan
USPTO Patent Litigation DataEd Egan
University Patent MatchingJeemin Sim
University PatentsAnne Dayton
Julia Wang
Meghana Pannala
VC Report Houston 2017Dylan Dickens
VC Startup Matching Stata WorkMarcos Ki Hyung Lee
Venture Backed Companies in Fortune 500
Venture Capital (Data)Meghana Gaur
Adrian Smart
Jake Silberman
Venture Capital Databases
VentureXpert DataAugi Liebster
Weekly RoundupMeghana Gaur
Whois ParserKunal Shah