Small Inventors Project

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McNair Project
Small Inventors Project
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Project Information
Project Title Small Inventors Project
Owner Avesh Krishna
Start Date 201702
Deadline 201705
Keywords Patents, Small Business
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Has project status Active
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Story: What happened to the American Small Inventor

  • Identify small inventors
  • Are they patenting more or less
  • Has AIA helped them
  • Are their patents being attacked in IPR/litigation
  • What do they do with their IP (license/transfer)
  • What are they valued at

Micro Entities

Include institutes of higher education (those meeting definition in 20 U.S. Code § 1001:

either an employee of institute of higher education OR
rights to patent will be assigned to institute of higher education
however if the university applies for a patent with the university as the investor/applicant then cannot be a microentity

Small Entities

Is a person or small business

How to find: Fee Status Table

Patent Database

created citation_cleaned table which removed all rows with NULL value in either column

Created citations_made table which counts the number of patents cited by a patent

Created times_cited which counts the number of times a patent is cited