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{{McNair Projects
|Project Title= SBA Investigation (Report)
|Has project output=Content
|Topic Area= Small Business
|Has sponsor=McNair Center
|Owner= Dylan Dickens
|Has title=SBA Investigation (Report)
|Start Term= Summer 2016
|Has owner=Dylan Dickens, Carlin Cherry,
|End Term=  
|Has start date=Summer 2016
|Status= Tabled
|Has keywords=Small Business, Small Business Administration
|Deliverable= Report
|Has project status=Tabled
|Audience= General Public, Policymakers
|Due Date=NA
|Skills Needed= Writing II, SQL I
|Skills Needed=Writing II, SQL I
|Keywords= Small Business, Small Business Administration
|Primary Billing= AccMcNair01
==See Also==
*[[SBA Loans]]
*[[Small Business Administration]]
*[[SBA and Data Reporting]]
*[[SBA Lender and Loan Oversight]]
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[[Category: McNair Projects]]
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SBA Investigation (Report)
Project logo 02.png
Project Information
Has title SBA Investigation (Report)
Has owner Dylan Dickens, Carlin Cherry
Has start date Summer 2016
Has deadline date
Has keywords Small Business, Small Business Administration
Has project status Tabled
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Content
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A source-based, high-level, report attempting to uncover where the funding the SBA receives actually goes.